You Da Balm | Organic Lip Balm Born In Brooklyn

Who Is YDB?:

  • An affable group of open-minded creators excited about creating products that carve a fresh, fun niche in your lives.

What Is YDB?:

  • If we're being literal, YDB is essentially a line of lip balms. But we do other things too. Like put on events, reissue new-wave funk records and sponsor parties we'd be psyched to party at with you.

Why Do I Need Another Brand of Lip Balm In My Life?:

  • You don't. There are no less than 10,000 lines of lip balm on the market. But there are also 10,000 brands of t-shirts, beers, swimsuits, cat foods, erasers, nail clippers and glue sticks. We need nothing more.

  • HOWEVER: The deal with YDB is that it's USDA Organic, it's all-natural, it's made in the U.S. and it's all of those things without sacrificing sexiness or style. And guess what? You're a sexy, stylish beast.

Where is YDB based?:

  • We're currently set up in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

How did all of this start?:

  • A few years back, one of us began by making it on our stove in Brooklyn. It involved raw beeswax, eye droppers, chopsticks and a kitchen scene that looked not unlike the inside of Walt & Jesse's trailer. We gave it to friends and family as a lark, though suddenly, other -- more official -- doors began to open.

  • We got our act together, ditched the chopsticks and teamed up with a real deal organic manufacturer. We worked our faces off connecting with like-minded retailers, distributors and sales pros who believed in what we were doing. Starting a business is hard, people -- but if you find the right partners, things can get super fun (which is what we're in it for.)

Anything Else I Need to Know?

  • Probably! But we want to hear what you have to say. Dream flavors, potential partnerships, press write-ups or just suggestions on how to be a better You Da Balm, hit us up!

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